Jeff Weninger
Common Sense for Arizona

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"We are championing policies to make Arizona a national leader in technology and innovation."

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As a small business owner and State Representative, I know that government regulations can either deter, or encourage innovation. Since I was elected, I’ve embraced creativity and outside the box thinking when it comes promoting creativity and entrepreneurs. I strive to eliminate harmful regulations and keep government on pace with new developments in cutting edge technology. Because of our forward thinking, we have been successful in making Arizona the autonomous car capital of the world.

In an effort to build on our success, I spearheaded legislation that created an equity crowdfunding policy, allowing Arizonans to invest in startups and help capitalize small businesses. Last year, I championed legislation that added blockchain as a recognized form of signature.

Now, I want to make Arizona the fintech capital of the globe. While states like California and New York are passing laws that impede blockchain technology, I’m doing the opposite, introducing three major blockchain bill packages this year.

The bills allow corporate registration with the state of Arizona using blockchain technology, promotes blockchain development by restricting regulation of residential crypto mining, and authorizes virtual coin offerings by distinguishing between virtual coins regulated as securities and virtual coins that constitute utility tokens. In fact, I partnered with Mesa Community College and Governor Ducey to implement to create a blockchain certification program.

My goal is to make Arizona one of the most progressive states when it comes to embracing modern technologies. I bring the spirit of ingenuity and forward thinking necessary for entrepreneurs to the legislature.

I believe that by keeping regulations flexible and embracing modern technology, like blockchain, we can put Arizona in a position to bring rapidly growing companies and high paying jobs. Ultimately, Arizona will be recognized as the global leader in blockchain and emerging technology, making us the most business friendly and attractive place for investment capital.