Jeff Weninger
Common Sense for Arizona


Supporting Local education and Public Schools


My wife and I have lived in Chandler for more than 20 years. We started our business and raised our kids in Chandler public schools because we believe they offer some of the best opportunities for Arizona students. 

When I was first elected to Chandler City Council, I voted to invest more resources into our community: public safety, neighborhoods, streets and parks, but always with an eye on accountability and fiscal responsibility. I've taken those same principles to the Legislature as your State Representative. Investing in education has been one of my top priorities because I know that without great schools, we can't prepare the next generation of leaders and the economy will suffer. As evidence of our work at the Capitol, teachers in Chandler Unified will receive a 12% pay raise this year and students and school leadership will have additional resources in the classroom. 

Recently, the Arizona Republic did a statewide survey to examine the total increase in teacher pay and the average salaries.

Average teacher salary and pay raise for 2019. Courtesy of the Arizona Republic:

Over the last three years, I've been standing up for our schools and fighting for critical resources. Read more about my legislative victories at the State Capitol:

Investing in our classrooms and educators:

  • Added $500M to Arizona school districts with $5M to Chandler (2018)
  • Supported teacher pay increase, adding $6.8M for Chandler and increasing the average salary by 12% (2018)
  • Voted for the Prop 301 continuation, providing $670M in dedicated resources to Arizona schools (2018)


  • Supported funding for building renewal, allowing Chandler Unified to receive important building and infrastructure dollars (2018) 
  • Fought for $16M additional in construction funding for Chandler to update and build new schools (2018)
  • Held out budget vote until Chandler received $22M in School Facilities Board funding to build new schools in our district (2017)

Supporting Good Policy:

  • Sponsored bills allowing human trafficking and child abuse awareness to count towards continuing education requirements for teachers (2016)
  • Cosponsored legislation allowing schools to sell baked goods for fundraisers (SB 1267, 2015)
  • Supported HB 2219 and avoided project delays by ensuring Chandler can use local funds and be reimbursed by the School Facilities Board the following year (2017)
  • Supported HB 2353 and gave school boards more flexibility when making lease-purchase agreements (2017)
  • Voted to increase funding for technical education (JTEDs)

Fighting Bad Bills:

  • Defeated numerous proposals that would inhibit Chandler Unified abilities to expand and build new schools. By preventing a proposed change to the calculation of school square footage, we saved local taxpayers $50M in school construction that has been funded by the state (2016 & 2017)
  • Defeated HB 2303, a bill that would have changed start and end dates for Chandler Unified (2015)

We have increased teacher salaries, invested in our local classrooms, and provided critical resources for our students. We are one of the top cities in the country to find a quality job in 2018, due in large part to the strength of our education system.

Chandler Unified received an A rating and has a 91% graduation rate, exceeding the national and state average. Let's build on our success and continue to make District 17 one of the best places to start a business and receive an education.