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Chandler Education

Supporting chandler education

Supporting Chandler Education


The state of Arizona public education needs to be better. It’s one of my top priorities because I know that without great schools, our economy can’t continue to grow. I’m fighting for students and teachers across the state to get the additional funding they need to succeed.

There is always room for improvement and I will never be satisfied with maintaining the status quo. However, I believe it’s important to acknowledge that Chandler is flourishing. Chandler teachers and students should be recognized for their accomplishments. 

Chandler Unified received an A rating and has a 91% graduation rate, compared to 78% statewide and 80% nationally. Chandler schools are outperforming other public schools nationwide on average by nearly every metric.

The median teacher pay this year in Chandler is $53,656 compared to $46,949 across Arizona. This is not enough. Our talented teachers will be rewarded for their excellent work this year. Starting in August 2018, Chandler teachers will see an average pay increase of 15%; increasing the median pay to $61,704 next year. This increase will make us one of the most desirable cities in the country to be a teacher!

I have been a champion for Chandler Unified and public schools across the state throughout a career.

Here is a list of what I’ve fought for:

Additional Money

  • Restored the education formula which added $500M to AZ and $5M to Chandler (2018)
  • Supported teacher pay increase in the base budget, adding $6.8M for Chandler (2018)
  • Secured $670M per year statewide by supporting Prop 301 continuation (2018)


  • Supported funding for building renewal, allowing Chandler Unified to apply for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as roofing projects (2018) 
  • Fought for $16M additional in construction funding for Chandler to add additional space and build new schools (2018)
  • Ensured $22M in School Facilities Board Funding went to Chandler to build new schools (2017)

Supporting Good Bills

  • Sponsored bills allowing human trafficking and child abuse awareness to count towards continuing education requirements for teachers (2016)
  • Cosponsored SB 1267 allowing schools to sell baked goods for fundraisers (2015)
  • Supported HB 2219 and avoided project delays by ensuring Chandler can use local funds and be reimbursed by the School Facilities Board the following year (2017)
  • Supported HB 2353 and gave school boards more flexibility when making lease-purchase agreements (2017)

Fighting Bad Bills

  • Defeated "invisible space" proposals which would have inhibited Chandler's ability to expand and build new schools (2016 & 2017)
    • $50M in new construction from 2016-2018 while saving Chandler taxpayers $50M
  • Defeated HB 2303, a bill that would have changed start and end dates for Chandler Unified (2015)

This is not a time to rest on our laurels. We need to take advantage of increased funding to retain our talented teachers and improve student outcomes. We are the top city in the country to find a quality job in 2018. It is vital our students graduate prepared to start a career in Chandler.

I want to thank our educators and school board for the wonderful job they’ve done. I’m confident we will utilize our booming economy and additional education funding to make Chandler, Arizona the best city to live in across the country.